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Finely tuned frisbee

Chicken & Brown Rice

Adult 1+ Years

This hypoallergenic, wheat-free, tasty Chicken and Brown Rice kibble has prebiotics for healthy digestion and joint supplements added in. Everything your adult dog should need.
Finely tuned frisbee

Salmon & Potato

Adult 1+ Years

Our hypoallergenic and wheat-free, Salmon and Potato uses single sourced protein and is jam packed with omega 3’s, probiotics and joint supplements to support and keep your adult dog finely tuned.

Grain Free Pork & Potato

Adult 1+ Years Sensitive

This Pork and Potato food uses a novel, single sourced protein and carbohydrate designed to support healthy skin and digestion. Being grain free and hypoallergenic it is less likely to trigger adverse food reactions. Loaded with joint supplements, it’s perfect for your sensitive dog.
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Salmon & Brown Rice

Senior 7+ Years

This Salmon and Brown Rice diet for older dogs, has added fibre to control hunger, omega 3’s, joint supplements and naturally occurring taurine to promote healthy hearts, this reduced calorie senior diet will help keep your dog in good shape.

Chicken & Brown Rice

Puppy 0-12 Months

Our hypoallergenic, wheat free, Chicken and Brown Rice puppy diet is made with high quality protein for growth, has omega 3’s and optimal minerals for skeletal development as well as probiotics for healthy tummies, making it a great start for your new furry friend.

Chicken & Brown Rice

Light 1+ Years

Hypoallergenic and wheat-free, this chicken and brown rice diet is designed for weight control with L-Carnitine for increased fat burning and added fibre to control hunger. This light meal still has all the goodness of our other diets, including MSM, chondroitin and glucosamine.
Finely tuned frisbee

Chicken with Wholegrain rice

Adult 1+ Wet Food Tray

Containing 60% fresh chicken with wholegrain rice, this delicious wet food dinner is hypoallergenic, wheat free and packed with natural ingredients including joint supplements.

Lamb with Sweet Potato

Adult 1+ Wet Food Tray

This tasty wet food is grain & gluten free and contains 60% lamb with sweet potato as a novel source of carbohydrate. Hypoallergenic and containing prebiotics for digestive health, it’s perfect for your sensitive dog.
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Formulated with added vet know how

At Vet’s Kitchen, animal health is what we’re all about. We work with the team from our in-house practice, Vet’s Klinic, to use their knowledge and provide advanced nutrition diets that are more in-tune with a dog’s or cat‘s natural physiology in comparison to many of the highly processed diets available today. This means that in every bag of our food, there is added vet know-how.

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Use our simple, vet approved Calorie Calculator to help you get just the right amount of good stuff in those tummys.

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What’s in our food?

Vet’s Kitchen food takes our veterinary knowledge and insight and combines it with the expertise of some the UK’s top nutritionists to create a range of top-quality foods and supplements that deliver the very best long term health benefits to your pet.

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