Ultra Fresh cat food now in Morrisons


Ultra Fresh Cat Food is now available in Morrisons.

Vet’s Kitchen revolutionary dry cat food uses a new ‘fresh meat’ extrusion technology to offer highly-nutritious cat food.

The technology, which is probably the greatest dry pet food innovation in 50-years, allows Vet’s Kitchen to use 60% fresh meat content.

Ultra Fresh is hypoallergenic with added prebiotics for digestive health and herbs to aid urinary tract health. Both varieties are made with ultra-high percentage of animal protein which is ideal for feline carnivores.

Cats are obligate carnivores meaning that animal tissue is a biological necessity. They cannot synthesise these nutrients found in plants and vegetable and they rely on the amino acids and nutrients from meat. A high carb diet can lead to low energy, we poor coat quality and digestion, urinary tract issues and a whole range of weight related issues.

The fresh meat*in Vet’s Kitchen food has been slow-cooked using a new process which makes 96% of the protein digestible and locks in all the nutrients. The Salmon variety is great for sensitive digestion and the chicken flavour is completely grain-free.

Both are now available in selected Morrison’s stores.

*Freshly prepared

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