And the winner is...

Ozzie takes centre stage as the new Vet’s Kitchen Pack Hero!

Earlier this year, we launched our competition to find our new face of a pack and pack hero; a real dog and Vet’s Kitchen advocate who was ready and raring to appear on the packaging of the brand’s latest dry dog food.

Following a very tough judging process, Vet’s Kitchen are proud to announce Ozzie as the latest dog to join their Pack Hero hall of fame. As the winner, Ozzie will become the face of their new Sensitive Duck variety of dry dog food and has won a year’s supply of food!


A dog with a big personality, Ozzie is a nine year old Golden Retriever cross Poodle who loves nothing more than surveying his farm from a rock outcrop. He was selected as top dog following an exciting judging day with the other 11 finalists.

Jenny Philp, managing director and practicing vet at Vet’s Kitchen said: “Ozzie is the perfect dog to become our latest brand ambassador. He is a great example of how feeding your pet the right food can have a huge impact on their health and wellbeing. His nutritional diet ensures he is strong, healthy and ready to tackle his new adventure as our new Pack Hero.”

Ozzie belongs to couple, Gareth and Georgette who fell in love with him after visiting Rochdale Dog Rescue in search for an older dog who would get on with their cats. His previous owners had found him too big and boisterous but living on a farm, Gareth and Georgette had plenty of space to accommodate him – even with another Golden Retriever cross poodle, Phoenix and Mini American Shepherd, Marvel calling the farm home.

Georgette comments: “Our dogs are our life. We go running together four times a week and the rest of the time they’re either on the farm or with me at work. It’s incredibly hard to be sad when they’re around. It certainly would be very quiet without them!”

Gareth adds: “Before we fed Ozzie Vet’s Kitchen, he was on a raw food diet. However, he had quite an itchy coat and his slight frame also meant it was tricky maintaining his weight. We put him on to Vet’s Kitchen about five years ago and the change was transformational.

“His coat improved by about 90% and we’ve been able to maintain his weight without any issues. We like the fact the products are formulated by vets. We know they have dogs’ best interests at heart – and we therefore know we’re giving our dogs the best there is.”

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