What pets and their owners are saying about our food

There’s nothing that matters to us more than happy dogs, cats and owners. At Vet’s Kitchen we’re on a mission to improve the lives of dogs, cats and their owners through nutrition and, for some, we’ve already started making a huge difference. But don’t take our word for it; read our Brand Ambassadors page, tell us your story and we’ll add it to our Testimonials.

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Finely tuned frisbee
Chicken and brown resized
Liudmila and
Foxy’s story
Great coat, strong health, always happy mood!what can you wish better for your 4-legged soul mates...
Against the grain
Chicken edit
Nicole Crockford and
Spook’s story
His coat is really nice and shiny and it's good for his digestive system. I’m so pleased- all my cats and dogs are now happy and healthy on Vet's Kitchen food. Spook loves it… thrives on it - wouldn't give him anything else.
Finely tuned frisbee
Salmon and potato resized
Ellie Read and
Pebble’s story
I'm very fussy and we love Vet's Kitchen! We have been having it now for quite a while and look and feel great!
Like clockwise
Salmon senior resized
Alyson and
Sage’s story
I'm super Sage & I'm as good as new - if not better. I go to hydrotherapy every week to help my muscles stay strong & love my Vet's Kitchen Senior Salmon and Brown Rice.
Delicate cat
Cat salmon edit
Lindsey Clark and
Pudding’s story
Pudding’s coat is amazing, he has shiny eyes and has never had to go to the vets since a kitten which is a testimony to the food; he must be eating very healthily. Pudding is enjoying what he is eating and it’s healthy – what more you could wish for.
Light bag mock up   shada edit
Mark Wetton and
Saxon ’s story
Since we started him on Vet's Kitchen Light, Saxon has lost weight and he seems much more satisfied and less hungry. He is also really happy and energetic, and his coat seems to have been revitalised and is much softer than it used to be.
Puppy resized
Ryan Gobler and
Oscar’s story
It doesn't last for much more than a few minutes when the bowl hits the floor, and he looks great for eating it. His coat is gorgeous, and it clearly supports his system, as there is never a digestion issue with him.
Grain free resized
Mark Anderson and
Ralf’s story
We’ve gone through practically tons of the stuff and they still clear their bowls every time. We even sneak them a few as training treats - and they don’t mind a bit! Best of all, we’ve noticed that Ralf is scratching a lot less and his stomach seems more settled.