To ensure continued delivery of your usual pet food we have had to temporarily change some of our packaging. We know how important it is that your pet receives a consistent supply of his/her favourite food so, whilst the packaging may look a little different, please be assured that it contains the same great quality Vet’s Kitchen™ pet food - no changes have been made to the product ingredients or quality.
You can read more about COVID-19 and Vet Know-how here.


Grain Free Chicken | Ultra Fresh Adult Cat

Our Ultra-Fresh Grain Free Chicken dry cat food is packed with a mouth-watering 60% fresh meat content. This chicken for cats is highly nutritious, and is available in calorie controlled portions, which are ideal for helping to tackle the growing obesity crisis in cats. Find out more
Sensitive Salmon | Ultra Fresh Adult Cat

Our Ultra-Fresh Salmon food offers adult cats a delicious and highly nutritious diet that is hypoallergenic and contains extra Vitamin C & E. This salmon cat food is packed with 60% fresh meat content and is available in small, calorie controlled portions. Find out more
Salmon & Brown Rice Advanced Nutrition | Adult Cat

Made with high quality British Salmon, our Vet’s Kitchen Adult Salmon & Brown Rice is a top quality, complete diet for adult cats. Containing high levels of Omega 3 oils for healthy skin and coat, and cranberry extract to maintain urinary tract health, it delivers the very best nutrition to cats. Find out more
Chicken & Brown Rice Advanced Nutrition | Adult Cat
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Our Chicken & Brown Rice is a top quality complete diet. Containing prebiotics for healthy digestion, added amino acid Taurine for cardiac health and nucleotides to help maintain a healthy immune system, our chicken and rice for cats is ideal for active cats. Find out more
Little Hearts Treats | Crunchy Chicken & Duck

Our Little Hearts Crunchy Chicken & Duck treats contain more than 50% real meat, and are a complementary food for both cats and kittens. As well as being hypoallergenic, our chicken cat treats contain natural, active ingredients making them simply irresistible to cats. Find out more
Little Hearts Treats | Game (rabbit, duck, venison)

Our Vet’s Kitchen Little Hearts Game treats have been designed to provide specific health benefits to cats, using a high percentage of meat, as well as natural, active ingredients that include probiotics for digestive health. Find out more