Variety Bundle

Variety Bundle

Why not try one of our other adult food flavours with this great bundle.

We've selected our most popular menus and created this bundle deal to allow your dog the option of finding a new flavour at a reduced price.

x2 Adult Chicken and Rice 1.3kg x2 Adult Salmon and Potato 1.3kg x2 Grain Free Pork and Potato 1.1kg

Individual Price £45.00 | Bundle Price £38.00 (saving £7.00)


Feeding Guidelines

Always ensure that fresh, clean drinking water is available
Please see the individual products for feeding guidelines and more information. 

Ingredients (Composition)

The Variety Bundle offers you 3 of our favourite menus;
x2 Adult Chicken and Brown Rice 1.3kg
x2 Adult Salmon and Potato 1.3kg
x2 Adult Sensitive Pork and Potato Grain Free 1.1kg

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