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The Story Behind Vet’s Kitchen Pet Food

At Vet’s Kitchen we are extremely passionate about animal health. We work with our in-house practice, Vet’s Klinic, to provide advanced nutrition pet food and treats that are more in-tune with a dog’s or cat’s natural physiology, in comparison to many of the highly processed diets available today.

So how do we do this? What is the process? How do we get an idea to a shelf?

Get the idea – Inspiration

Because we have our own vets practice, we see many pets, with a whole range of different problems. And because all of us have our own dogs and cats, we also understand the challenges of pet ownership. We get our ideas for our food, from our clients in the clinic so we are never short of problems to solve and that’s what we aim to do with our pet food.

For example, when our head nurse Katie got Binny and started training him, she realised there weren’t many options of treats, which were small, soft and that he could eat easily but that were also made with all natural, high quality ingredients. We started looking into it.

Using our knowledge and expertise to figure out what we already know about treats and nutrition. 

As vets, we have a unique understanding of the impact nutrition has on pet health, and how diet can significantly prevent or aid in managing many common health and behavioural conditions. In any animal, including humans, nutrition is fundamentally linked to health and well-being. For example, we see the effects that poor nutrition can have on our pets; from digestive disorders and obesity to chronic skin conditions, ear problems, diabetes and many more. We know that cats and dogs are different physiologically and have different nutritional needs. So we use our years of training and our veterinary knowledge and expertise to create our products, using natural ingredients to help address many of the common problems that we face as vets and pet owners.

We start our research; what do we know about the current treats out there and what do puppies need from a good treat?

We care a lot about what goes into our food and the only way to make sure what we are putting in will help and is healthy, we have to do a lot of research. We come at these problems from a research angle first. So we hit the books and gather advice from external specialists. Once we have an idea, the team set about collecting the very latest nutrition and clinical research from studies, clinical journals and research papers, to provide an evidence base for formulating the product. We make sure we know as much as possible about what ingredients can help which ailments and if there is no sufficient evidence that something works, then it doesn’t make it into our food.

Write the formulation, we decide what goes into our product.

With our Little Stars, we wanted something different in each of the flavours, especially DHA for brain development for puppies.

We work closely with highly qualified animal nutritionists. This, alongside a combination of our veterinary and pet expertise means we can provide your pets with high quality nutrition in every mouthful thanks to our cutting edge diet formulation and manufacturing techniques. We sit down and write down exactly what we want in our product.

Send it to be made at our manufacturers in Lancashire – Made in Britain

We are proud to be independent. It’s of huge importance to us that our products are manufactured in the UK, sourcing local, sustainable, and high quality ingredients. We are proud to be British and we think it is important that our products are also packed in the UK.

We get our ideas for our food, from our clients in the clinic so we are never short of problems to solve and that’s what we aim to do with our pet food.

Get some samples and do some trials.

Our food has paws-up approval; none of our food is tested at or in laboratory settings with unwilling participants. All of our products are taste-tested by willing volunteers. We have a huge pool of four-legged companions to try our products (who are more than willing to try tasty treats), including our own pets, our Klinic clients and our Partners.

We tried our latest product, the wet food, due to be released soon, with George, the brand ambassador at Crufts.

Get feedback and make amendments if necessary. We need to listen to both the owners and their pets.

Feedback is really important in this process. We take on any feedback from the trials to see if any adjustments need to be made to make the product even better. And yummier. We always want feedback from our customers, so give us your testimonials on our website, so as we can continue to improve our existing formulations and make tasty new recipes.

We then find our brand ambassador for that particular product. George already eats our Grain Free Food – so we wanted to try him on the grain free version of the wet food.

For every recipe we choose a Brand Ambassador to represent the product. This is a real pet - who eats our food - where our food has made a real difference to their long-term health. And we’re proud to have them on the front of every pack.

Create the honest packaging – it’s difficult to get you all the information on such a tiny space!

We’re committed to being clear and open about everything that goes into our foods, including its quality, where it’s sourced, where it’s made and how it’s produced. It is difficult to know what all the phrases on the back of a pack mean; minerals –what are they? Crude Ash – what? DHA –goobledegook? We think it is important for you to know exactly what it is in the pack and we go into details about the ingredients in our online articles. We believe you want to know exactly what you’re getting in our food, which is why our packs have specific ingredients lists, not vague terms such as ‘meat and animal derivatives’. There are simply no secrets - it’s all on the pack.

Once it’s packed and ready, we transport it to the supermarkets, shops and warehouses where you can buy it for your pets.

What we feed our pets is important and we believe in good quality affordable food that helps maintain our pets and their optimum physical peak.

We want to change common perceptions about advanced nutrition. We want to make it as accessible and affordable as possible. Our products are delivered to multiple outlets, both online and in supermarkets, to make high quality nutrition easy to access for owners.

How much should you give to your dog?

Use our simple, vet approved Calorie Calculator to help you get just the right amount of good stuff in those tummys.

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